Offsite Backup Packages

3Gb Economy


Our entry level backup package is perfect for the home user or single business man (notebook, PC) and offers full house protection of your data.

Offsite Backup Packages

10Gb Classic


The classic package is an excellent choice for a small business or home user.

Offsite Backup Packages

50Gb Professional


The Professional package offers huge value and is aimed at the small to medium business or organization with relatively high data usage.

Offsite Backup Packages

100Gb Executive


The Executive package is perfect for a business that has a larger digital imprint for their business.

Offsite Backup Packages

250Gb Titan


The titan is aimed at users and business with a high focus on data retention and data growth.

Offsite Backup Packages

500Gb Monolith


This package is aimed at business who have large dependency on data growth, flow and protection.

Offsite Backup Packages

1250Gb SkyNet


Download the internet  ? Our best value package.

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