What is Dynamic Digital Solutions?

Dynamic Digital Solutions is an Online Data Security company specializing in online backup, IT Service Level Agreements and IT Sales

Why is backup essential?

If all of your information was lost today, where would you start? More than likely you would have to start all over again, backup allows you a restore point where you can start again with all of your up to date information.

How is online backup different from regular backup?

Online backup allows a user to seamlessly backup their data via the internet to one of our secure backup facilities at automatic intervals. This removes a significant amount of human error.

Is my data secure?

Yes, online backup is 128 bit encrypted within a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Your online bank account uses some of the same algorithms used in online backup.

How am I certain that Dynamic Digital Solutions will not look at my data?

When our software has been installed the user will be required to enter a 128 bit encryption password. Only the user will have access to this password and only with it can his/her information be decrypted.

Will uploading data to Dynamic Digital Solutions affect my cap?

Yes, if you have a capped solution then all internet traffic will affect your cap how ever we have developed our software to only take what has changed from your data store, this is called Incremental Backup. This drastically reduces the amount of internet traffic associated with online backup.

How long does it take to backup?

Depending upon the users internet connection and the amount of changes he/she may have done during a period will depend on how long the backup will take to run. On average each of our clients take approximately 5 minutes to complete the process. This process is completely automatic and runs as a background service on your computer.

How will I know if my backups are being completed successfully?

After every backup job completed the user and Dynamic Digital Solutions receives an email report, describing the files which had changed, how big those files were, total size of your data set and if the backup job was completed successfully.

Will I be able to go back 3 months and restore a document which I may have lost?

Absolutely. Our software was developed with ‘versioning’ in mind, and as such depending upon the users retention policy the user can feel free to browse through their backup jobs restoring documents that may have been deleted or misplaced.

Am I able to specify what information is backed up on my computer?

Of course, the user is able to specify which files he/she would like backed up in their data set.

Can I backup shared network drives or USB drives?

If its data and you have access to it, then yes, there is no data that our software cannot backup.

Will I be able to install a trial version?

Yes, we include a 7 day free trial period for the user to test our software. If you would like to take part in this service please click here to find out more.